Star Trek: Next Generation Crew Wall Art


They're all here! -- the crew of Star Trek, the Next Generation.  After Jonathan was commissioned by Paramount Studios to create the commemorative Star Trek 25th Anniversary print (also available on this site), he also completed this Next Generation pencil art.

Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes as Commander William Riker
LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge
Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar
Michael Dorn as Worf, a Klingon
Gates McFadden as Doctor Beverly Crusher
Diana Muldaur as Doctor Katherine Pulaski
Marina Sirtis as the half-human, half-Betazoid ship's counselor, Deanna Troi
Brent Spiner as Lieutenant Commander Data
Wil Wheaton as Beverly Crusher's son, Wesley 

Available in the following sizes/options:

16x20" or 11x14" Open Edition Matted Print -- signed by the Artist, black matted and sleeved on 3/16” foam core for shipping

13x19" Open Edition Print -- signed by the Artist, Un-matted

Also available in Black & White, un-matted