So... this past August (2019), we here at JWB Art Unlimited were contacted by the art director at the producers of the Modern Family TV show. They wanted permission to use one of JB's pencil drawings (of MLK) they'd seen online. Once they agreed to the user license fee and the legal stuff was taken care of, we waited to see if they would indeed use it, or if its fate was to land on the cutting room floor. Well, I dialed up the episode just now... and they DID use it!! Jonathan W Brown. Woot Woot!   View MLK Print Here


Say "Hi" to Eugene.  He's a very nice guy who purchased, by special order, an extra large canvas of Jonathan Brown's image "Crabgrass."  It's six feet wide and super awesome!  Click here to see Crabgrass.



Challenge accepted!   Our client Tony wanted Jonathan's image, "Basket Case"  but as a round canvas.  Yikes!  This was a two-person canvas stretching job.  Then Tony hung it in his stairwell, shown here, so he can admire it each and every day!  See Basket Case wall art here.


A few years back, several of Jonathan Brown's artworks were displayed on a digital billboard adjacent to Union Station in downtown Baltimore, Maryland.  Larger than life!  Chesapeake Bounty 4, Cross Street, Glory in the Big Easy and Yardbirds.   

LED Baltimore billboard Jonathan W Brown Yardbirds  artwork   Jonathan W Brown's Glory in the Big Easy Artwork  Cross Street Crab Art by Jonathan Brown  Chesapeake Bounty 4 on LED Billboard









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