Artist Jonathan Brown ("JB" to his friends) was born in the Baltimore, and spent his formidable years living in places like Australia, Hawaii, the Carolinas and then returning to settle in Maryland.  For more than three decades, his original pencil drawings and paintings subject matter reflects all that the Chesapeake Bay region has to offer -- from the wildlife, landscape and Chesapeake Blue Crab to sports-related subjects.  But, that's not all....  JB has enjoyed notoriety for his studio commissioned Star Trek 25th Anniversary commemorative print, as well as pencil-drawn promotional images for major sports figures.

Travels have taken him to various other locales, tropical and not, where the waters, landscapes and wildlife have become inspirations for him and his artworks.  

JB is a technical illustrator by day.  Recently, he expanded his "free-time" artistry from his regionally renowned predominantly pencil work into other media including photography, digital imagery and mixed media.  Many of his works are now available as prints, stretched canvases.  His original images can also be found on products such as apparel, greeting cards and home goods.

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