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Jailbreak Crab Wall Art

The follow up to Blue Romance and the centerpiece to Drydock, Jailbreak became one of my most popular images of the time, depicting blue crabs escaping to freedom from the confines of an overturned crab basket.  Jailbreak confirmed the appeal of my approach to the subject matter to the public.  Original Medium Elements: Graphite to Bristol then Colored Pencil on Linen.

This image is part of a 3-piece pencil drawn grouping that includes "Blue Romance" and "Heading Out" -- named "Drydock" 

Available in the following sizes/options shown below.  Matted prints are shrink-wrapped on foam core and fit standard frame kits.

16x20" Limited Edition Matted Print -- signed and numbered by the Artist, black matted
13x19" Limited Edition Un-matted Print -- signed and numbered by the Artist, umatted
11x14" Matted Print 
8x10" Matted Print 
8.5x11" Unmatted Print 
Notecards -- Package of 10 note cards of this image, blank inside, with 10 envelopes, in a sealed sleeve




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