Blue Romance Crab Wall Art

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Based on the concept of an accurate depiction, one of Jonathan Brown's earliest efforts in the crab art genre remains one of his most definitive.  The initial entry in what would become the three-piece Drydock, Blue Romance depicts the Atlantic Blue Crab in a classic pose of male protecting female.  The response to this image laid the groundwork for future images and the series to come.  Original Medium Elements:  Graphite to Bristol then Colored Pencil on Linen.

Available in the following sizes / options:  Prints all fit standard frame kits

  • 16x20" Limited Edition Print -- giclee print signed & numbered by the Artist, black matted onto foam core
  • 13x19" Limited Edition Print -- giclee print signed & numbered by the Artist, no mat
  • 11x14" Matted Print -- giclee print, sleeved onto foam core  
  • Notecards -- Package of 10 notecards, blank inside, with 10 envelopes, in sealed sleeve