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Kent in the Rearview

It was Monday August the 7th…I worked at the Big Owl Tiki Bar on Kent Narrows near the Chesapeake Bay.  The weather had been dreary, rainy, and grey all day…and I do mean ALL DAY. It had been such an ugly day, not to mention painfully slow business wise. The owner decided to close up early. We usually were open until 9-10pm on Mondays. On this evening we closed a bit before 7pm.
As I walked up the dock from the tiki bar to the parking lot to get in my truck to head home the clouds started to break up a bit.

And Just as I started across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge the sun started peaking out. I was just about halfway across the bridge when BAM, this wonderful sight was right in front of me. I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped this picture the best that I could. I thought wow this was truly an amazing picture with the sun peering through a hole in the clouds. Also having the bridge structure highlighted by the sun. And as an added bonus a reflection of that on the hood of my truck . I posted it on Facebook at approximately 7:19 pm. There was an immediate explosion of likes and comments to my posting. To me it was a really cool view that just popped up in front of me out of nowhere. But soooo many people LOVED it.

It wasn’t until I got home and looked closely that I really saw what I had captured. So random and I was lucky enough to get a picture of it

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