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Artist Jonathan Brown is most known for his public appearances in Ocean City, Maryland, where he has premiered over 50 images of the Chesapeake Bay's local nature and Eastern Shore Mid-Atlantic and Coastal subject matter, earning a reputation as a top local artist, and the leading Blue Crab Artist in the State.

He has many "models" for his crab art drawings.  He steams crabs and shrimp for dinner at home more than anyone I know...

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Favorite Recipes

CRAB BURRITOS Ginger Port of J.O. Spice Company fame posted recently posted to Facebook, asking followers to tell their favorite ways of eating crab meat.  I posted, "crab burritos."   Now don't...

Holiday Cards are Here!

For those true "planners" out there -- yes, it's only August, but soon the kids will be back in school.  Then... it's a slippery slope to Halloween, Thanksgiving and then...


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