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T-Shirt - Original J.O. Spice Can Design

This shirt design is a rendering of an early year J.O. Spice can label.  J.O. Spice is what commercial establishments like crab houses, restaurants and watermen all over the United States use when steaming crabs. If it isn't J.O., then it is a custom blend that J.O. makes.

Everyone has assumed for years that it is the other stuff you mention -- the product on the grocery store shelves.  "Born" in a Baltimore rowhouse back in 1945, J.O. Spice is well-known among commercial seafood houses everywhere and still growing among consumers!  

100% polyester, soft double-sided Adult T-Shirt, design copied from the original spice can by artist Jonathan W. Brown.   Available in sizes XS to XXL

Machine wash cold, do not bleach, hang to dry, do not iron.

Important sublimation printing facts:
All-over printing is a useful method to create striking and creative shirts. It's created by infusing a layer ink directly onto the fabric, therefore covering a bigger surface space than DTG printers. There are several nuances to take into consideration when using sublimation.

White streaks:
White streaks will appear on all t-shirts around the seams, especially around the shoulders, under the armpits, and around the collar of the shirt.




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